Articles A Major Source Of Entertainment TikTok Banned In Pakistan!

A Major Source Of Entertainment TikTok Banned In Pakistan!

Tiktok is an app that can be found on everyone’s phone. It is that social app which is China-made and is for video-sharing purpose on the internet. It is a great way of entertainment with features like lip sync on audios, creating a fabulous background, trim and mix videos, and whatnot. when Tiktok was launched in Pakistan, it went to a great extent, and people started making videos to shine their talent.

In Pakistan, Tiktok is banned as the app was being used for irrelevant and vulgar purposes. People were not liking it and were threatened that it might ruin society. Some people are saddened because for them TikTok was a source of income. Jannat Mirza, the famous tiktoker, also recently gained 10 million followers but now, she is being mocked and harassed on the statement that TikTok is no more available.

The prime minister Imran Khan was also not happy with Tiktok as the app was losing its charm and people were willing to do such irrelevant things.

It is sad to know that many people have lost their source of earning money but what’s done is done!