Showbiz Ahsan Khan comes with yet another film

Ahsan Khan comes with yet another film

Looks like 2020 is going to be a great year for Pakistani film industry, with already have two big projects like Dum Mastam and Quaid e Azam Zindabad, we have been delighted with another one named Parde main rehnay do, which will star none other than our favorite comic from Chupan Chupai, Ahsan Khan.

After Chupan Chupai’s success, the audience and fans were yet again given an example of Ahsan Khan’s versatility in whatever role he plays on screen, be it on TV where he plays a character of a child molester in Udaari or even if it’s playing the lead in a comedy thriller movie, he knows what he’s doing and there are no questions ever raised against his acting capabilities. Earlier this year Ahsan also revealed that he is doing a very different feature film with Ayesha Omer, named Rehbara.

So far, the news has been broken out by Khan himself who said that the team for this film is same as Chupan Chupai, so is producer Zayed Sheikh and Mohsin Ali who not only wrote the film but also direct it. According to Khan the film is full of entertainment but also has a very important social message hidden within the lines, which he also believed has not been talked about yet, and that is what makes the film very unique for whole cast and crew. The film is still in its pre-production phase which is why Khan avoided sharing any more details and left it up to the director and writer who would further disclose it all.

To hype his fans up, Khan also said that he has a lot of other offers but since the story of this particular project took his imaginations to a new level, he signed it up. He also mentioned that while Mohsin was narrating the idea to him, he sat there stunned and hooked to what was being said to him. Khan said that this will be a very different project anybody has done so far and that he understood when he read the lines. No other details were mentioned but coming from some sources, it has been set that the film might hit the big screens around Eid ul Fitar next year, but again, no date has been announced.