On international women’s day, Ali Zafar has shared his newly written poem “Aurat” paying tribute to the women of Pakistan. He shared a video of him where he is playing piano and reciting “Aurat”. He captioned his posted video “Aurat-a tribute.” He has written it so beautifully and the sentiments could be felt with little background music.
The lyrics of “Aurat” are as follow:
“Khilti huee subha ka, komal sa roop ho tum

You’re the soft beauty of morning glow;

Kabhi madham madham chandni, kabhi teekhi dhoop ho tum

You’re sometimes subtle moonlight, sometimes you’re the strong shining sun;

tum nahin mere saath, to meri haesiat kya hai

What am I capable of, if you are not with me?

Batlao tumhaare ishq ki, ye kafiat kya hai?

Tell me of this feeling when I am in love with you?

Ae aurat, tum be misl ho tumhein pohanche mera salam

O woman! there is no one like you, accept my humble salutation;

Meri rooh tumhaari sultanat, mera dil hai tera ghulam

You’re the ruler of my soul, my heart is in your forever slavery.”

Ali Zafar has 3.9 million followers on Instagram, his fans are in love with his poetry and complimenting his choice of words. He ended his video with a sentence: “Salute to women who make us the men we are”.