Dagh e Dil Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Prepare to be enthralled by the enchanting tale of “Dagh e Dil,” an upcoming Pakistani drama serial that holds the promise of captivating audiences with its intricate tapestry of love and resilience. Brace yourself for a spectacle as a constellation of showbiz’s finest and most adored actors converges on the screen. The ethereal presence of Asad Siddiqui, Nawal Saeed, and Goher Mumtaz will intertwine, casting a spellbinding aura and igniting viewers’ hearts. Navin Waqar, Hassan Niazi, and Saleem Sheikh have beautifully presented their supporting roles on the mini-screen. Anticipation has reached a crescendo as fervent fans eagerly await the meaningful collaboration of these extraordinary talents in this theatrical extravaganza.

In artistic brilliance, Sadia Akhtar emerges as the wordsmith behind the captivating “Dagh e Dil” drama story. Under the majestic banner of MD Productions, Momina Duraid weaves her producer’s magic, breathing life into every frame. Guided by the directorial prowess of Asim Ali, “Dagh e Dil” unfolds as a mesmerizing symphony of emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

The first episode of Dagh e Dil drama will be released on 22nd May 2023. Click here to watch Dagh e Dil drama online episodes.

DramaDagh e Dil
ChannelHum TV
StarringAsad Siddiqui
Nawal Saeed
Gohar Mumtaz
Written bySadia Akhtar
Produced byMomina Duraid
Directed byAsim Ali
TimingsMonday to Friday at 9:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release Date22nd May 2022

Dagh e Dil Drama Story

In the captivating world of “Dagh e Dil,” a tale of love unfolds, entangling Hashim, Mahnoor, and Ibad in a triangle of emotions. Ibad’s unwavering passion for Mahnoor fuels his desire to marry her, despite her knowing they are not meant to be. Enter Hashim, who proposes to Mahnoor and is accepted, igniting a spark of hope. Yet, Mahnoor’s father opposes their union. Undeterred, Mahnoor defies her father’s expectations and elopes with Hashim, driven by the desire to prove him wrong. However, Mahnoor’s journey is fraught with challenges, as her vulnerability as a woman exposes her to lurking dangers from predatory men. As we delve into this intriguing romantic saga, we anticipate the story’s unfolding and ultimate outcome.

Dagh e Dil Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Asad SiddiquiHashim
Nawal SaeedMahnoor
Goher MumtazIbad
Navin WaqarAlmas
Hassan NiaziTBA
Saleem SheikhTBA

Asad Siddiqui as Hashim

Asad Siddiqui‘s extraordinary journey into the entertainment world commenced amidst his pursuit of an MBA. Hailing from a talented lineage as the nephew of renowned actor Adnan Siddiqui, Asad has graced the screens of Indian television with his presence, captivating audiences through his stellar performances in acclaimed shows like “Doli Ki Aye Gi Barat,” “Amanat,” “Sinf e Aahan,” “Aye Musht-e-Khak,” and “Paristan.” However, his portrayal of the formidable antagonist in the poignant film “Surkh Chandni,” shedding light on the plight of acid attack victims, truly skyrocketed his popularity. Asad is currently playing the male lead role in the drama serial Behroop on Geo TV.

In 2017, Asad embarked on a beautiful chapter of his life by tying the knot with the talented actress Zara Noor Abbas, daughter of Asma Abbas and niece of the legendary Bushra Ansari. While their journey faced a heartbreaking setback with a recent miscarriage, the couple emerged stronger than ever.

In the Dagh e Dil drama story, Asad will appear as Hashim, the lead male role.

Dagh e Dil drama Asad Siddiqui

Nawal Saeed as Mahnoor

Nawal Saeed, a talented actress and mesmerizing model from Pakistan, took her first graceful steps into acting in 2017. Her debut project, the great drama serial “Yaqeen Ka Safar,” captured hearts and soared to unimaginable heights of success. Since then, she has gracefully graced our screens in enthralling dramas such as “Maamlat,” “Banno,” “Sitam,” and “Dil-e-Veeran,” each capturing the attention of viewers and earning sky-high TRPs.

Adding to her list of achievements, Nawal recently enthralled audiences again with her captivating performance in the enchanting drama serial “Bikhray Hain Hum,” which aired on the prestigious ARY Digital network.

Born on 30th October 1998, Nawal Saeed radiates youth and vitality at 23. This enchanting artist embraces the joy of singlehood, allowing her artistic endeavors to take center stage.

In the Dagh e Dil drama story, Nawal portrays the role of Mahnoor, the story’s protagonist.

Dagh e Dil drama Nawal Saeed

Goher Mumtaz as Ibad

Goher Mumtaz, the talented Pakistani musician, singer-songwriter, music composer, guitarist, and actor, became the visionary founder of the renowned rock band “Jal.” Known for his striking appearance and captivating performances in music videos, Goher’s on-screen presence caught the attention of numerous directors who eagerly sought to cast him in their TV dramas. The persistent requests eventually led him to embrace the world of acting. With his debut drama, “Kountry Love,” Goher received an overwhelming response, propelling him to pursue his acting career more earnestly. Subsequently, he embarked on a journey that included notable roles in acclaimed serials such as “Baaghi,” “Ishq Mein Kaafir,” and “Mere Humdum.”

In the Dagh e Dil drama story, Goher plays the character of Ibad.

Dagh e Dil drama Goher Mumtaz

Navin Waqar as Almas

Dagh e Dil drama Navin Waqar

Hassan Niazi

Dagh e Dil drama Hassan Niazi

Saleem Sheikh

Dagh e Dil drama Saleem Sheikh
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