Articles Did You Hear Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Coming Back On Screens?

Did You Hear Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Coming Back On Screens?

Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the talented people in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Having said that, he is a CSS-passed cum actor who is passionate about his career. He starred in movies and dramas. He cast in dramas like “Alif” which is a blockbuster drama with a 9.4/10 rating on IMDb. He has also hosted talk shows but one of them drove towards a controversy, and PEMRA banned Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Hamza got married in 2019 with Naimal Khawar who an actress was starred in movie Verna and drama Anaa. Naimal is a great painter and that is how Hamza became friends with her. Both the married couple left Pakistan showbiz industry. Hamza had his reasons that he is inclined towards preaching religion. Hamza and Naimal are recently blessed with a baby boy.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is currently residing abroad and enrolled in religious studies. Recently, Hamza appeared in the show “Kasauti” in which Ahmed Ali Butt asked him about his acting career that people think that Hamza has left his acting career. On which Hamza replied that he hasn’t left his acting career at all. He had taken a long break and currently working on two of his projects.

So, now this controversy has seemed to be gone vanished after this statement by Hamza Ali Abbasi. Good Luck to him for his future projects! Good to see his fans are excited!!