Misc Drama Serial ‘Ustani Ji’ Is All About Society & Its Norms!

Drama Serial ‘Ustani Ji’ Is All About Society & Its Norms!

In the race of daily soaps and serials these days, Ustani Ji is going to be a breath of fresh air in the form of one-episode stories. Written by Yasra Rizvi and directed & produced by Angeline Malik, this drama centers on the character of Ustani Ji and how she bounds various relationships and stories together.

Yasra Rizvi, who is also portraying the central character of Ustani Ji, will be a psychology teacher who also gives tuitions to the neighborhood kids is the troubleshooter for all the characters involved. While giving a background check of her character to the

 “My character is a single woman in her early thirties. Being the eldest daughter, she takes the responsibility of arranging the marriages of her younger siblings after their father passes away. When the play starts, her mother has also died, so she lives alone. She’s an ordinary woman, but strong and determined. Through her character, we will see our society’s stories. She cares for people and actively tries to solve her problems.” 

Ustani Ji will start airing by the end of this month and will have a versatile cast other than Hammad Farooqui and Yasra Rizvi who are a constant.