Mayi Ri

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Mayi Ri stands as a captivating drama, shining light on the harsh realities of our society. The storyline eloquently sheds light on the dark issue of child marriage plaguing our communities.

Annie, a vibrant 15-year-old schoolgirl, finds herself entangled in a forced marriage with her underage cousin due to her uncle’s testament. As the narrative unfolds, the play masterfully illustrates the perilous aftermath of child marriages, forever shattering innocent childhoods. Nauman Ijaz portrays Zaheer, a thriving entrepreneur, and the family’s elder statesman. Following the demise of his parents, he becomes the pillar of support for his siblings, steering the family away from destitution. His perspective leans towards traditional values.

Samar Abbas takes on the role of Fakhir, Zaheer’s 16-year-old son. Fakhir’s lackadaisical approach to his studies causes his father considerable concern. Aina Asif embodies Annie, Zaheer’s niece, who displays exceptional academic prowess. Sadly, her father perceives her, along with her sister, as burdens. Annie refrains from forming an attachment with her mother, fearing a similar fate.

Maria Wasti portrays Samina, Zaheer’s wife, whose beliefs are less conservative than her husband’s. She advocates for Fakhir’s autonomy in decision-making, though her efforts often meet resistance. Maya Khan brings to life Ayesha, Annie’s mother, who vehemently opposes marrying her daughter off at such a tender age. Trapped in the patriarchal system, she grapples to assert herself.

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