Showbiz Emilia Clarke reveals the Culprit behind Starbucks cup on GOT

Emilia Clarke reveals the Culprit behind Starbucks cup on GOT

The final season for the highly popular TV show Game of Thrones aired earlier this year, being one of the highest grossing shows of the television history GOT has a huge fan following, although they were not actually happy about how it ended, there was one thing that united all its followers: The Starbucks Coffee Cup. The Starbucks cup appeared in episode 4 of the series’ final season, The Last of the Starks. Fans immediately spotted a modern day to-go coffee cup placed on a medieval table in front of Daenerys Targaryen. Almost everybody noted the cup and the reactions were loud when the episode was aired in May.

Emilia Clarke appeared on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and finally revealed that Conleth Hill is the culprit behind the coffee cup that made a viral cameo on the show. Hill is the same actor who played Lord Varys in the series, was behind all the chaos the cup started. According to her, Hill recently told his big secret to Clarke at a party before the Emmy’s , saying the coffee cup was his’, she believes he was drunk but he did said the exact words. He also apologized to Clarke saying that all the heat was on her because she was being blamed.

And, the blame was on her because her co-star Sophie Turner had said on the same show that the cup was placed in front of Emilia so definitely it belonged to her and she’s the culprit. People broke and started being against Clarke because of this. But then again at a different show Turner said that it may belong to Kit Harrington. Later it got so complicated that HBO has to take a stand and come out with an official statement.

The Cupgate was a topic of discussion for a long time and started having memes online against, Mother of Dragons, Clarke having caffeine addiction. Although the scene was edited out later but HBO also acknowledged the blunder. Each episode for the show costed about $15M and it would be strange to think that something like this can happen, but then a plastic bottle was spotted later in the series.

Fans were so disappointed with the series overall that they signed a petition, that got over 1 million signatures, to have the season finale made again.