Misc Has Saba Qamar Received a Notice From FBR?

Has Saba Qamar Received a Notice From FBR?

Though the news has recently been in the favour of Saba Qamar, it seems that the bad eye can get you anywhere. If the speculations are to be believed, the actress has been summoned by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on 16th May for the evasion of taxes. The document that has been sent purportedly states that the actress had an error in her documented wage charges.
As per a source, the Hindi Medium actress’s salary charges petitioned for 2014-2015 are under question. Furthermore, the source also included that “Saba Qamar’s recorded wage charges don’t coordinate her way of life.”
However, Saba Qamar has denied such allegations and stated:
“I have not received any notice and I am only hearing of it from you. This happens every year and I am used to it by now.”
It is worth mentioning that just about a year ago, a warning issued from FBR exposed that Saba was involved in tax invasion. However, such charges were also denied by the actress back then.