Meesni Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

The thrilling, spicy, and suspenseful tale of the drama serial Messni will air on HUM TV on January 16, 2023. Bilal Qureshi and Maham Shahid are the lead cast of the Meesni drama serial. In addition, the supporting cast consists of Arsalan Asad Butt, Faiq Khan, Laila Zuberi, Najiba Faiz, Faiza Gilani, Ahmed Taha Ghani, Tahira Imam, Haseeb Khan, Ali Raza, Sikandar Nawaz Rajput, Sarah Ijaz Khan, and Sophia Mirza.

Muhammad Asif Ali writes the Meesni drama story. On the other hand, Momina Duraid is this project’s producer under MD Productions‘ banner. Meer Sikandar Ali directed the drama serial Meesni.

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ChannelHUM TV
StarringBilal Qureshi

Maham Shahid

Written byMuhammad Asif Ali
Produced byMomina Duraid
Directed byMeer Sikandar Ali
TimingsDaily at 7:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release DateJanuary 16, 2023

Meesni Drama Story

This drama is about a young girl named Sahira who lives with her family in the lower middle class. Her mother works all day to make money for her family and pay for her son to go to school. Sahira’s brother loves her and works hard to reach his goals in life. The mother hopes that he will change their lives when he does well.

Sahira, on the other hand, is a manipulative girl who puts herself and her needs ahead of her family. She is from the lower middle class and is fascinated by the things that rich people have. So, she tricks boys into giving her gifts.

She meets Waleed, a wealthy man who falls in love with her and marries her. Sahira gets the life she’s always dreamed of, but it’s not easy. She tries to get around all of life’s problems cleverly. But her mistakes keep her from getting where she wants to go.

Meesni Drama Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Maham Shahid JafferSahira
Bilal QureshiWaleed
Arsalan Asad ButtZaid
Faiq KhanSaleem
Laila ZuberiTBA
Najiba FaizTBA
Faiza GilaniTBA
Ahmed Taha GhaniTBA
Tahira ImamTBA
Haseeb KhanTBA
Ali RazaTBA
Sikandar Nawaz RajputTBA
Sarah Ijaz KhanTBA
Sophia MirzaTBA

Maham Shahid Jaffer as Sahira

Pakistani actress, model, dancer, and author Maham Shahid has several talents. Thanks to her natural abilities and dedication to her craft, she quickly becomes a household name in Pakistan. Maham began her career in the fashion industry as a model and has since participated in various high-profile campaigns. Maham has proven to be an accomplished actress in addition to her modeling career. Meesni is her first miniseries, and it’s a drama. Many people became fans of the show because of her compelling and nuanced acting performance.

Maham was born in 1996, which makes her 27 years old. The gorgeous girl is married, but we don’t know much about her husband.

In the Meesni drama story, Maham plays the character of Sahira, a young, clever, and materialistic girl. She wants to live a contented life and seeks a wealthy man to marry.

Meesni drama Maham Shahid

Bilal Qureshi as Waleed

Bilal Qureshi is becoming known in Pakistan as a new talent in the entertainment industry. He is from Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia, but his family moved to Karachi soon after, and he has lived there ever since. Bilal entered the showbiz world at the tender age of 17. His debut project was “Nanha Sa Dil.” Since then, Bilal has shown a lot of talent in his drama serials, and he was even an anchor for City 42 for a short time, which shows how versatile and talented he is. Bilal is known for his brilliant acting skills in the drama serials Aye DIl Tu Bta, Munafiq, and Teri Behisi. Bechari Qudsia was his last project which was aired on GEO TV.

Born on July 27, 1995, Bilal will turn 28 in 2023. Bilal Qureshi married Pakistani actress Uroosa Qureshi on February 14, 2015, and on June 28, 2016, they had their first child.

In the Messni drama story, Bilal portrays the role of Waleed, a well-established businessman. He falls in love with Sahira and marries her. However, he would soon know about Sahira’s pre-marital affairs.

Meesni drama Bilal Qureshi

Arsalan Asad Butt as Zaid

Meesni drama Arsalan Asad But

Faiq Khan as Saleem

Meesni drama Faiq Khan

Laila Zuberi

Meesni drama Laila Zuberi

Najiba Faiz

Meesni drama Najiba Faiz

Faiza Gilani

Meesni drama Faiza Gillani

Ahmed Taha Ghani

Meesni drama Ahmed Taha Ghani

Tahira Imam

Tahira Imam

Haseeb Khan

Meesni drama Haseeb Khan

Ali Raza

Meesni drama Ali Raza

Sikandar Nawaz Rajput

Sikandar Nawaz Rajput

Sarah Ijaz Khan

Sarah Ijaz Khan

Sophia Mirza

Sophia Mirza

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