Momina Mustehsan fascinates all the way from Turkey

Momina Mustehsan popular for her singing and fashion became the national crush of Pakistan when she made an appearance with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Coke Studio. Taking to her Instagram, she shared her pictures from Istanbul with fascinating captions and we could not resist sharing. She took a cute picture with CZNBurak, a celebrity chef famous for his cooking bigger meals videos, smiling straight to the camera on Instagram.
Momina is doing well with her fashion statement in Istanbul, turkey. She has been criticized many times for being unique at times, she wrote a self-love message: “In an insecure world, it’s super powerful to be comfortable with yourself, Try it out”. She doesn’t care about the world and does whatever she wants, she had recently dyed her hair blonde that gave a chance to the netizens to make memes of her, but this didn’t let her down and she is all herself without any doubt.
Last year, Momina made a debut beside Bilal Saeed in “Baari” song. The song hit the charts and millions of views on youtube. Momina Mustehsan, a double majors degree holder in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics is living her dream as a singer-songwriter and throbbing young hearts since the start of her career.