Pyari Mona Episode 15

Pyari Mona Episode 15 Full Hum tv drama 27th April 2023, Pyari Mona is a 2023 Pakistani drama aired on Hum tv.

Pyari Mona Episode 15 27th April 2023

It is premiere on Hum TV and consists of amazing cast Sanam Jung, Adeel Hussain, Mashal Khan, Muhammad Hunbal, Sabeeka Imam.

Pyari Mona Story

The story revolves around Sanam Jung as Mona, played by none other than the talented Sanam Jung who consistently has to face challenges, difficulties and taunts just because she doesn't meet conventical standards of beauty set by society. Will she power through and take a stand for herself and all others in her position? Mona", who isn't your dream girl!. She lives her life in her style and doesn't want to change herself for society. Will she be able to find her life partner?

Channel NameHum TV
CastSanam Jung, Adeel Hussain, Mashal Khan, Muhammad Hunbal, Sabeeka Imam
DirectorAli Hassan
ProducerMomina Duraid
WriterHaseeb Ahmed
Release Date19th January 2023
Timing and ScheduleEvery Thursday at 8:00 PM