Articles Qayamat Drama Last Episode Out! 

Qayamat Drama Last Episode Out! 

The super-duper thriller drama Qayamat was wrapped up last night. After getting wholesome popularity together with criticism from diverse audiences, the serial has finally ended. According to critics, the last episode was above expectations. The audience got to see what is called “Expected Ending.”

Qayamat Drama Last Episode

The serial was aired on GEO TV. It was written by ace writer Sarwat Nazeer and directed by Ali Faizan. Moreover, the serial was produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment in collaboration with Geo Entertainment. Although it is concluded, the audience hasn’t got out of the craze yet.


Qayamat Drama Last Episode

The lead role player Ahsan Khan stands out with his ultimate performance, the other cast members were also in the spotlight for exceptional acting. Neelum Muneer’s performance was also part of the debate, she played her character extremely well. Conclusively, the final episode was fully entertainment-packed.

The Ending:

Qayamat Drama Last Episode

In the last episode, Rashid met an accident that made him realize his mistakes and tell the truth. He confessed everything and accepted his wrongdoings. When everything was clear to the audience the serial was wrapped up.

Qayamat Drama Last Episode

Particularly, one scene got immense popularity in which Rashid was confessing and speaking his heart out. Many people come to social media to share their thoughts about it. Some even said the scene made them cry. The serial wasn’t focused on a sad story, but the final episode was sentimental.


Public Reaction on Qayamat Last Episode

Social media is flooded with posts about the serial ever since the final episode came out. If you haven’t watched it yet, have a look at the public reaction.

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