Showbiz Sarmad Khoosat Starts the Shoot for Kamli

Sarmad Khoosat Starts the Shoot for Kamli

After their successful collaboration in not one but two immensely great projects like Manto and Akhri Station. Sarmad Khoosat is back with yet another venture with Saba Qamar, named Kamli. At the trailer launch of his upcoming feature Zindagi Tamasha, Khoosat announced that he will soon be moving on to a new project that features Saba Qamar in it.

Khoosat has been critics favorite for a long time because of his approach towards indie cinema and not contemporary. With Manto he proved he can be as extraordinary as an actor as he is when he’s directing. This later was also brought out to the audience through his mini TV series Akhri Station, which not only had remarkable stories but also actors in astounding characters written greatly.

The film is going to be a tragic love story, but unlike any that we have already seen. Although it will show the vibrancy and emotions of Punjab, it will also have a poetic life that will connect it to the folk lore we grew up listening to.

Upon being asked about what makes her take such different roles, Saba Qamar said that there is a huge part of our society people are not aware of, things that should definitely be talked about. Her portrayal of Qandeel Baloch in Baaghi, and Mannat in Cheekh is just two of many exceptional parts she has played in voicing things that needed to be voiced in our society.

At the trailer launch, Khoosat stated that he is going to start the shoot in October. With Kamli’s big reveal audience is all prepared for atypical storytelling that would woe them for sure. This will also be another one of noncommercial Pakistani movie that is surly going to raise the bar high for indie storytelling in Pakistani Cinema.

2020 is surly bringing us some huge milestones for the cinema, but there is we can be sure of, when it comes to storytelling, we are so sure that Kamli is going to be nothing like any of the other movies being

made, but will also standout amongst all of them. This will lead our industry towards leading into a new direction that is beyond item songs and glamourized actors.