Articles What Happened to Hania Aamir & Asim Azhar? 

What Happened to Hania Aamir & Asim Azhar? 

Hania Aamir is facing backlash on the Internet for a while. Yesterday she broke the silence and wrote her heart out. On which her presumed ex-boyfriend Asim Azhar posted a rather upsetting tweet. Hania was also quick to respond, and a Twitter war started between both stars. Many people came to support either of them as a result Hania & Asim become the top trend on Twitter.

Hania Aamir Fights with Asim Azhar

According to Hania, she has gone through extreme trauma due to online harassment. And that she’s surviving in a ‘Misogynist World’ full of hatred. Although Hania indirectly slammed Asim in her yesterday’s post, she seems reluctant to accept it. As for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, what we’re currently seeing on Twitter is only a reaction of an action.


Hania Aamir Slammed Asim Azhar

Hania Aamir viral video

Hania has been subject to online bullying. There are two parts to the whole story. Earlier, a video went viral in which Hania was seen laying above Wajahat Rauf’s (Director & Producer) son. The video becomes a meme thing and an internet sensation. And recently, another video about Hania went viral on the internet. It was a very disgusting and shameful video in which a person was jerking off on Hania’s photo.

Hania Aamir wrote a heartfelt post

At first, Hania didn’t make any statement, but after things got out of control she wrote a heartfelt post. In the post, she told that its enough for her and that she can’t survive in this outlandish atmosphere. But she also ignited a fire that was cooled down long ago. She slammed Asim indirectly. And he also responded to her immediately with a gif image in a separate tweet.

Hania Aamir Fights with Asim Azhar

*Twitter War Was Started.*


What Asim Azhar says about Hania Aamir?

Asim Azhar fights back with Hania Aamir

It’s an old story when Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir were presumed a couple, and Hania dumped Asim by calling her only a friend. They both were trolled on social media for a long. Surprisingly, Asim never spoke a word about and let things go as they were going. But now when Hania directly hit her with harsh words, he couldn’t resist. He has posted a long not beginning from the start until now. And guess what? Hania has once again blamed him.

Let’s see what happens next… Stay tuned on DramaSpice!