The famous Tiktoker turned actress Hareem Shah is once again making headlines after she posted about his marriage with a law-maker of the Sindh assembly. There are numerous scandals in her name that brought her immense popularity, she’s also called “Scandal Queen” of Pakistan. The news about her marriage seems like something fishy.

Hareem Shah with husband

Hareem has posted a picture hand-in-hand with her assumed husband. The picture only shows the hands of the two with the caption ‘Alhumdulilah,’ the picture is making rounds on social media and people are naming different MPA’s as Hareem’s life-partner. However, no one knows exactly who’s Hareem’s better half.

Hareem Shah's Husband

The news about Hareem’s alleged marriage is reported by national media outlets without any proper confirmation. Everyone is just firing arrows in the dark. Hareem hasn’t confirmed the news or given any confirmation of it. Still, rumor-mongers have taken up the internet.


Hareem Shah’s Marriage News

Hareem Shah Marriage news

Supposedly, the news about Hareem’s marriage is a publicity stunt. She has crossed the limits numerous times to get into the news. This time she has moved a step ahead by spreading the rumor about her marriage with an active parliamentarian. Many MPA’s like Zulfiqar Shah had to post clarification tweets that they aren’t married to Hareem. And that it is only a piece of fake news.


Hareem Shah’s Husband

According to sources, Hareem isn’t officially married yet. But she has revealed that she wants to marry Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of Pakistan’s People’s Party. The Tiktoker has been posting videos with pictures of Mr. Chairman to show her love.

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