Showbiz Ahmed Ali Akbar Makes it Big at International Festival

Ahmed Ali Akbar Makes it Big at International Festival

2019 March release, Laal Kabootar was not even out of the news for being Pakistan’s submission for Academy Awards 2020, though the nominations will be declared later in December, we got yet another big news about the movie making it to the International world when Ahmed Ali Akbar, the lead actor of the movie wins the ‘Best Actor’ award at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival. Finally a film that isn’t based upon glamour, epic locations and typical humor is getting the appreciation it deserves.

The critically acclaimed Karachi-based crime thriller hit the audience in all the right places with its outclass storytelling and phenomenal acting. This directorial feature debut by Kamal Khan, who earlier left people speechless with his music video The Desert Journey, was appraised by almost every single cinephile and raised the bar high for indie filmmaking in Pakistan. The film not only received great reviews but also set an audience apart from the ones who are into parallel cinema, which at any point is a great achievement for a film industry.

Bringing the news out to his fan and followers, Ahmed Ali Akbar posted the picture of his award on his Instagram saying how honored he is to win the award for his performance in Laal Kabootar. This not only is an achievement for the actor but for the whole Pakistani Cinema as a whole because we finally have movies making it to the international grounds, leaving a mark out to the world where we stand as an industry.

Ahmed along with Mansha Pasha, Ali Kazmi and Salim Mairaj leads the film as a struggling Taxi driver who is trying to fly out of the country in order to get better work. His hustle somehow gets him caught up in a chaos we call Karachi. The city life is its truest raw form shown as a whole unfiltered, which is how it is for everybody living the Karachi life. The whole cast and crew comes from different types of backgrounds and lifestyles, but it is their life in Karachi that united them as a whole for the film. The crew behind the film is also as exceptional as the leading cast, there are fresh filmmakers, who brought their perspective out to the audience, and that is what the audience actually wanted from cinema after all these years.

Not only that, Ahmed is also been appraised dearly for his performance in ISPR produced drama series Ehd e Wafa, where he shares the screen with actors like Ahad Raza Mir, Wajah Ali and Osman Khalid Butt.