Sukoon Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

The next mega-hit “Sukoon,” drama serial is coming soon on ARY Digital. The tale of Hamdan, Aina, and Raza illustrates how one person’s actions can deeply affect many lives and change their future paths. This narrative reminds us to be watchful in our interactions with others because what we do and how we think can significantly shape someone else’s life. Sukoon drama cast features Ahsan Khan and Sana Javed in the lead roles. Other supporting cast include Khanqan Shahnawaz, Qudsia Ali, Sidra Niazi, Laila Wasti, Usman Peerzada, Adnan Samad Khan, Asma Abbas, and Aehsun Talish.

The talented Misbah Nausheen beautifully crafted the captivating narrative of Sukoon. The skilled hands of director Siraj ul Haq brought this drama to life, while Muhammad Jerjees Seja oversaw its production, ensuring it came to the screen with all its charm and emotional depth. You can watch Sukkon drama’s first episode on 13 October 2023 only on ARY Digital.

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ChannelARY Digital
StarringAhsan Khan
Sana Javed
Written byMisbah Nausheen
Produced byMuhammad Jejees Seja
Directed bySiraj ul Haq
TimingsThurs & Fri at 8:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release Date13 October 2023

Sukoon Drama Story

“Sukoon” is a masterfully crafted drama showcasing some of Pakistan’s most adored actors. The plot unravels the poignant tale of Aina, a girl whose innocence is exploited, and Raza, whose carefree demeanor leaves a lasting mark on those around him. However, it also suggests that destiny can bring two individuals together in unexpected circumstances.

Sana Javed shines as Aina, a modest, family-oriented girl who remains oblivious to her remarkable beauty. Ahsan Khan takes on the role of Hamdan, a loving and dependable businessman, respected and well-established in his life. He also happens to be a friend and cousin of Raza.

Qudsia Ali portrays Aima, Aina’s younger sister, who radiates happiness in her family’s life. She is vivacious and profoundly admires her sister, but as the story unfolds, their bond will be tested. Khaqan Shahnawaz embodies Raza, a flirtatious and indulged individual not yet ready for commitment, a decision he’ll soon regret.

Raza and Aina’s love story begins at a wedding, with an instant connection. Yet, their relationship turns dark when Aina uncovers Raza’s true nature. In an unexpected twist of fate, Hamdan and Aina’s paths cross, leading to a silver lining in their circumstances. The drama prompts us to ponder whether love varies under different circumstances.

Sukoon Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Ahsan KhanHamdan
Sana KhanAina
Khaqan ShahnawazRaza
Qudsia AliAima
Sidra NiaziShanzay
Laila WastiTBA
Usman PeerzadaTBA
Adnan Samad KhanTBA
Asma AbbasTBA
Aehsun TalishTBA

Ahsan Khan as Hamdan

Ahsan Khan, a talented British Pakistani actor, producer, and TV host, embarked on his acting journey in 1998. He graced the silver screen in movies like Nikah, Billi, Ghar Kab Aao Gay, Sultanat, Ishq Khuda, Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri, and eventually found his way to television.

In 2011, he brightened our screens as the host of the quiz show “Hayya Allal Falah” on Hum TV, a special treat for Ramadan. Ahsan Khan continued to delight audiences while hosting the 2020 Ramadan transmission “Ramazan Pakistan” on PTV Home. His recent hit dramas, such as Qayamat, Qissa Meherbano Ka, Mere Humnasheen, and Fraud, have garnered much praise.

Since 2016, Ahsan has ventured into production, creating socially relevant series like “Dukh Sukh.” He aimed to break away from the typical ‘saas-bahu’ dramas, and by 2018, he had already produced over twenty television works.

Born on October 9, 1981, Ahsan celebrated his 42nd birthday in 2023. In 2008, he tied the knot with his cousin, Fatima Asad, and the couple has been blessed with four lovely children.

In the Sukoon drama story, Ahsan portrays the character of Hamdan, the male protagonist of the serial.

Sukoon drama Ahsan Khan

Sana Javed as Aina

Sana Javed, a renowned Pakistani actress in Urdu television, kickstarted her career as a young model, gracing TV commercials. She took her initial steps in acting with a supporting role in the 2012 series “Mera Pehla Pyar” and briefly appeared in “Shehr-e-Zaat” the same year. In 2016, Sana Javed shot to fame when she played the role of an antagonist in the romantic drama “Zara Yaad Kar” on Hum TV alongside Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi.

2017 marked her cinematic debut in the socio-comedy film “Mehrunisa V Lub U,” where she starred alongside Danish Taimoor, earning critical acclaim. She continued to shine on the small screen with her outstanding performances in TV series like “Khaani,” “Ruswai,” “Dunk,” and “Aye Musht-e-Khaak.” Recently, she graced the mini-screen in the Ramzan special rom-com “Kaala Doriya.”

Born on the 15th of March in 1993, Sana celebrated her 30th birthday in 2023. In a heartwarming turn of events, she tied the knot with the talented singer Umair Jaswal in a private Nikah ceremony at her Karachi home in October 2020.

In the Sukoon drama story, Sana plays the serial female protagonist, Aina.

Sukoon drama Sana Javed

Khaqan Shahnawaz as Raza

Sukoon drama Khaqan Shahnawaz

Qudsia Ali as Aima

Sukoon drama Qudsia Ali

Sidra Niazi as Shanzay

Sukoon drama Sidra Niazi

Laila Wasti

Sukoon drama Laila Wasti

Usman Peerzada

Sukoon drama Usman Peerzada

Adnan Samad Khan

Sukoon drama Adnan Samad Khan

Asma Abbas

Sukoon drama Asma Abbas Gill

Aehsun Talish

Sukoon drama Aehsun Talish
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