Aitebaar Drama Story, Cast With Real Names And Pictures

Aitebaar drama serial is on air on HUM TV with a distinctive plot highlighting the big rape issues in society. Moreover, it shows the difficulties that a raped woman has to bear.

The script is written by Maimoona Aziz and directed by Nadeem Siddiqui. It is produced by Momina Duraid Productions and stars Zarnish Khan, Syed Jibran, and Ali Safina as the lead roles.

Aitebaar was first aired on 24th January 2022 and comes at 8:00 pm on Monday.

Aitebaar Drama Cast

  • Zarnish Khan as Parisa(Pari)
  • Syed Jibran as Hamza
  • Ali Safina as Babar
  • Arez Ahmed as Asfand
  • Michelle Mumtaz as Shiza
  • Hamza Tariq Jameel as Bilal
  • Huma Nawab as Bilal’s mother
  • Sajida Syed as Shagufta
  • Rana Majid as Shehryar
  • Faiza Gillani as Fariha
  • Mehmood Aslamas Malik Jahangir
  • Sabahat Adil as Asfand’s mother
  • Emaan Ahmed as Hareem

Zarnish Khan as Parisa(Pari)

Zarnish Khan is a 29 years old Pakistani actress who is famous for her role in “Sasural Mera”. Moreover, she won the Best Actress award for the drama too. Her recent dramas include “Yeh Ishq Samajh Na Aaye”, “Yeh Dil Mera”, ” Jo Tu Chahay”, and “Mohabbat Na Kariyo”.

Zarnish revealed in an interview in Bol Nights that she was married at the age of 17. However, her husband supported her a lot to work in the showbiz industry.

In the drama serial Aitebaar, Zarnish is playing the lead role of Parisa(Pari). Parisa is a doctor and married to Hamza. But Hamza refuses to accept her when she escapes from a rape attempt on the road. Later on, Parisa will handle all the hardships bravely.

Aitebaar Zarnish Khan

Syed Jibran as Hamza

Coming from a Pathan family, Syed Jibran started his acting career on PTV. Besides, he is an MBBS doctor and A successful entrepreneur. He is exclusively known for his roles in “Chup Raho”, Noor-e-Zindagi”, and “Khuda Mera Bhi Hai”. Recently he acted in “Mohabbat Daagh Ki Soorat”.

Syed Jibran is 42 years old and currently married to Afifa Jibran. Moreover, he is a proud father of three kids, baby girl Eva Jibran and two sons Yoel Jibran and Isaiah Jibran.

In the drama serial Aitebaar, Jibran has taken the role of Hamza, Parisa’s husband. However, he could not accept his wife when she break out from a failed rape attempt.

Aitebaar Syed Jibran

Ali Safina as Babar

Born in 1983, 38 years old Ali Safina is a Pakistani actor, VJ, Host, and RJ. He debuted his acting career in “Daagh-e-Nidamat“. However, he got real fame from the sitcom “Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat”. Ali’s recent dramas include “Paristan”, “Sila-e-Mohabbat”, and “Chupke Chupke”.

Ali Safina hitched with Pakistani model Hira Tareen in 2013. He has a daughter named Mahgul.

In the drama serial Aitebaar, Ali Safina played as Babar. Babar is Parisa’s boss. He is a kind and optimistic guy. Babar will marry Parisa later in the drama.

Aitebaar Ali Safina

Arez Ahmed as Asfand

Aitebaar Araz Ahmed

Michelle Mumtaz as Shiza

Aitebaar Michelle Mumtaz

Hamza Tariq Jameel as Bilal

Aitebaar Hmza tariq jameel

Huma Nawab as Bilal’s mother

Aitebaar huma nawab

Sajida Syed as Shagufta

Aitebaar sajida syed

Rana Majid as Shehryar

Aitebaar rana majid

Faiza Gillani as Fariha

Aitebaar faiza gillani

Mehmood Aslam as Malik Jahangir

Aitebaar Mahmood aslam

Sabahat Adil as Asfand’s mother

Aitebaar sabahat adil

Emaan Ahmed as Hareem

Aitebaar emaan ahmed

Aitebaar Drama Story

The story of Aitebaar is about a young passionate doctor Parisa. She is married to Hamza. However, he will ditch her due to a failed rape attempt. After that, Parisa will lead a tough life all alone. Moreover, Hamza and Parisa also have a daughter together. Later on, Babar, Parisa’s Boss will marry her.