Ayeza Khan Made Her Fans Disappointed In Promoting A Fair-Complexion Beauty Brand!

Ayeza Khan is one of those actresses who are followed for the choice of things they do keeping the Pakistani audience in their mind. She is very decent and has lots of followers on her social media accounts because she is a perfect person in the eyes of society, not promoting vulgarity, revealing clothes, boldness, etc.

What happened recently has made Ayeza Khan’s fan very angry. On her Instagram, she uploaded a video clip of her advertisement for Faiza Beauty Cream. The world is changing and moving forward so do people who used to color-shame others. But guess what? Pakistanis have not yet learned anything from the world. Ayeza, being an influencer is promoting Faiza Beauty Cream is beyond the understanding!

Now, people are very much mad at her and her fans are extremely angry about taking such a project. In the adv, Ayeza is giving the credit for her success to Faiza Beauty Cream. Lol, does this sound okay to anyone? NOT AT ALL!!

People are criticizing her because many people blindly follow influencers like Ayeza and end up getting into trouble due to such color fairing products are harmful for skin pigmentation and whatnot. these celebrities use imported products and make local people fall for such fair-complexion creams by choosing to be the face of these brands.

Ayeza Khan, you need to revise your choice!!

It is premiere on and consists of amazing cast .

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