Baby Baji Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Get ready to enjoy the roller coaster of emotions, healthy humor, and life lessons with Baby Baji drama only on ARY Digital. You will meet an extraordinary cast, as expected of this riveting series. Featuring beloved stars who have long been absent from the screen, this drama serial marks their triumphant return to the industry with this remarkable project. The legendary Samina Ahmed, Saud Qasmi, and Javeria Saud will appear as the lead cast of the Baby Baji drama serial. Other supporting cast includes Junaid Jamshed Niazi, Syeda Tuba Anwar, Hassan Ahmed, Sunita Marshell, Aina Asif, and Faiza Khan.

Mansoor Ahmed Khan weaves an enchanting tale in a realm of boundless imagination, breathing life into the mesmerizing drama series “Baby Baji.” Under the illustrious banner of iDream Entertainment, Abdullah Seja orchestrates a symphony of emotions, transforming dreams into reality. Guided by the masterful touch of Tehseen Khan, the ethereal world of Baby Baji unfolds, captivating hearts and minds alike.

The first episode of the Baby Baji drama will be released on 23rd May. Click here to watch Baby Baji drama online episodes.

DramaBaby Baji
ChannelARY Digital
StarringSamina Ahmed, Saud Qasmi, Javeria Saud
Written byMansoor Ahmed Khan
Produced byAbdullah Seja
Directed byTehseen Khan
TimingsDaily at 7:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release Date23rd May 2023

Baby Baji Drama Story

Enter the captivating world of Baby Baji, where a devoted mother and her sprawling family take center stage, offering a heartwarming glimpse into everyday life. Baby Baji follows the engaging journey of Baby Aapa as she bravely holds her household together in the face of her husband’s illness. With four sons, two of whom are happily married, this endearing tale is laced with light-hearted moments that are sure to catch the audience off-guard when it finally graces their screens.

Baby Baji Drama Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Samina AhmedBaby Baji
Saud QasmiTBA
Javeria SaudAzra
Junaid Jamshed NiaziWasif
Tuba AnwarTBA
Hassan AhmedTBA
Sunita MarshellAsma
Aina AsifTBA
Faiza KhanTBA

Samina Ahmed as Baby Baji

Samina Ahmad, an illustrious Pakistani artist, has graced the realms of film, television, and stage with her extraordinary talent. With an impressive career spanning over half a century, she has established herself as a veteran actress in the Urdu entertainment industry. PTV witnessed her captivating performances in renowned series like Waris (1979), Aahat (1991), and Family Front (1997). Alongside her television endeavors, Samina Ahmad also served as a program director at Lahore’s Alhamra Arts Council. In 1997, she ventured into production and founded her own television company, Samina Ahmad Productions, which produced the immensely popular drama series Family Front. Some of her notable dramas include Baddua, Mere Humsafar, and Kala Doriya.

Born on 20 March 1950, Samina turned 73 in 2023. Her personal life has seen its share of ups and downs. She first married the filmmaker Fariduddin Ahmed and had 2 kids with him. He divorced Samina in 1993. Later she tied the knot with actor Manzar Sehbai in 2020.

In the Baby Baji drama serial, Samina portrays the role of Baby Baji, the story’s protagonist.

Baby Baji Drama Samina Ahmed

Saud Qasmi

Saud Qasmi, a versatile talent from Pakistan, is recognized as a prominent actor, TV producer, and co-manager of the family-owned entertainment venture JJS Productions, which he operates alongside his wife, Javeria Saud. His notable acclaim stems from his stellar performance in the drama series “Ye Zindagi Hai.” On a delightful Christmas day in 2006, Saud tied the knot with TV actress Javeria Jalil, now known as Javeria Saud. Their blissful union blessed them with a daughter, Jannat, in 2007 and a son, Ibrahim, in 2011.

In the Baby Baji drama story, Saud plays the character of Baby Baji’s eldest son.

Baby Baji Drama Saud Qasmi

Javeria Saud as Azra

Javeria Saud, a versatile talent from Pakistan, shines as a television actress, producer, singer, and host. Her portrayal of the protagonist Jameela in Geo TV’s acclaimed drama series “Yeh Zindagi Hai” has garnered immense recognition. After a hiatus in 2001, Javeria made a remarkable comeback in 2006. Her journey in showbiz began in 1993 as a Naat reciter, and she ventured into acting in 1995, captivating audiences in various television dramas throughout the 1990s. Manzilein, Anhoni, Paristan, Betiyaan, and Sar e Rah are among her notable works.

She is married to fellow actor Saud, and together they have owned the esteemed production house JJS Productions since 2006.

In the Baby Baji drama story, you will see Javeria as Azra, Baby Baji’s daughter-in-law.

Baby Baji Drama Javeria Saud

Junaid Jamshed Niazi

Baby Baji Drama Junaid Niazi

Tuba Anwar

Baby Baji Drama Tuba Anwar

Hassan Ahmed

Baby Baji Drama Hassan Ahmed

Sunita Marshell

Baby Baji Drama Sunita Marshell

Aina Asif

Baby Baji Drama Aina Asif

Faiza Khan

Baby Baji Drama Faiza Khan
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