Dil Awaiz Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Dil Awaiz is a new Pakistani drama 2022, which is on air on Geo TV. Moreover, the drama has a talented cast and a strong script. Kinza Hashmi, Affan Waheed, Raeed Muhammad Alam, and Sabeena Farooq will be seen in the lead roles in the Dil Awaiz drama cast.

Besides, the duo of Kinza Hashmi and Affan Waheed is appearing on TV for the first time. This article deals with everything about Dil Awaiz drama story, cast with real names and pictures.

Madiha Shahid has penned down the story of the drama serial Dil Awaiz. The director of this drama serial is Mazhar Moin, while Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have produced it.

Dil Awaiz Drama Story

Dil Awaiz’s drama story describes the life of a poor girl, “Dil Awaiz.” Shahabuddin marries a dancer and Dil Awaiz is his eldest daughter. However, due to her mother’s recognization, other family members always look down upon Dil Awaiz.

Later on, Dil Awaiz will have to marry Sikander to save his father’s respect. From here, she will become the hate target of Sikander and his mother.

Dil Awaiz Drama Cast with Pictures

  • Kinza Hashmi as Dil Awaiz
  • Affan Waheed as Sikandar
  • Sabeena Farooq as Faria
  • Raeed Muhammad Alam as Kashan
  • Qudsia Ali as Maryam
  • Seemi Raheel as Akka Bi
  • Kashif Mahmood as Shahabuddin
  • Javeria Abbasi as Roshan Ara
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Sikandar’s father
  • Seifi Hassan
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Ayesha Gul
  • Yasra Rizvi
  • Jenaan Hussain
  • Raza Zaidi

Kinza Hashmi as Dil Awaiz

Kinza Hashmi is a Pakistani actress who started her career in 2014 in Adhura Milan. Later on, she appeared in various commercials, telefilms, as well as music videos. “Azmaish” and “Mohlat” are among her latest dramas.

Currently, the 25 years old Kinza is single and has no plans to marry soon.

In the drama serial Dil Awaiz, Kinza is playing as Dil Awaiz, a poor girl who lives in the servant quarter with her mother. In the long run, she will fall in love with Sikandar.

Dil awaiz kinza hashmi

Affan Waheed as Sikandar

Affan Waheed is a Pakistani model and actor who is well renowned for her roles as Musaf in Aik Pal and Badar in Do Bol. His recent dramas include “Pardes,” “Yun To Hai Pyar Buhat,” and “Shehnai.”

Affan tied the knot with Ayesha Jalil in 2016, however, they decided to take divorce due to some personal issues. Currently, the 36 years old handsome is single.

In Dil Awaiz, Sikandar is the son of a rich personality. Dil Awaiz will be forcibly married to Sikander. In the beginning, Sikander does not like her. However, Dil Awaiz will be able to win his heart.

Dil awaiz affan waheed

Sabeena Farooq as Faria

Sabeena Farooq is a Pakistani actress who came into the TV industry in 2016. She is famous for her roles as Maina in Suno Chanda 2 and Abeera in Muqaddar. Her most recent dramas include “Mohlat” and “Kashf.”

Sabeena is 29 years old. She is currently single.

In Dil Awaiz, she is portraying the role of Faria, a major personality in this drama.

dil awaiz sabeen farooq

Raeed Muhammad Alam as Kashan

Raeed Muhammad Alam started his career as a model in 2010. Later on, he jumped into acting. Moreover, he is running a production house named “DNA Films.”  He earned a good name in his recent dramas “Chaudhry and Sons”, “Bebaak”, and “Dikhawa.”

32 years old was married 7 years ago and together they have a son named Rayem.

In the drama serial Dil Awaiz, he is acting as Kashan, an irresponsible boy who likes and teases Dil Awaiz.

Qudsia Ali as Maryam

dil awaiz qudsia

Seemi Raheel as Akka Bi

dil awaiz seemi raheel

Kashif Mahmood as Shahabuddin

dil awaiz kashif mahmood

Javeria Abbasi as Roshan Ara

dil awaiz javeria abbasi

Farhan Ali Agha as Sikandar’s father

dil awaiz farhan ali agha

Seifi Hassan

dil awaiz saife Hasan

Fazila Qazi

dil awaiz fazila qazi

Ayesha Gul

dil awaiz ayesha gul

Yasra Rizvi

dil awaiz yasra rizwi

Jenaan Hussain

dil awaiz yasra rizwi

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