Ehsaan Faramosh

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Ehsaan Faramosh is a tale about the destructive power of envy and jealousy on one’s most prized possessions and the people closest to one’s heart. Humayun Ashraf, portrayed here by Kabeer, is a model restaurant owner who puts his family first and does everything he can to make them happy. Falak, played by Momina Iqbal, is Kabeer’s wife in the show. A woman who is reared by her father’s employer is a selfish brat. Even if it means harming those closest to her, she insists on getting her way in every situation.

Mashal Khan, who plays Nawal, is an innocent and unpretentious young lady from a comfortable middle-class background. She is a simple woman who only cares about providing for her loved ones. Hamza, played by Salman Saeed, is a dashing scion of affluence who, as the plot unfolds, becomes distracted from his initial humility.

Sometimes you get what you’ve always wanted, but you don’t appreciate it until it’s gone. Up to the point where you really let go…Love, however, always finds its way to the heart if it is genuine.

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