Mannat Murad



Mannat is a beautiful girl and comes from a modern family that values love, care, and respect for each other. Mannat likes having the freedom to make choices because she grew up where everyone’s choices are valued. After her parents’ sudden deaths, she gets support from her older brother, Nafees, who loves her very much.

On the other hand, Murad comes from a traditional family where his mother, the grandmother, has a lot of power over what he does in life. Knowing that he is the only son means that Murad has to live up to his family’s standards. Murad is naturally shy and loving, so he can’t go against his mother’s rules, especially now that his father has died.

Even though Mannat and Murad come from very different backgrounds, they find comfort in each other and fall deeply in love. But when their families get involved, it leads to confusion between Mannat and Murad, which tests how strong their bond is.

Is their family going to agree to them getting married? Will Mannat’s family, who are liberal, be able to get along with Murad’s family, who are religious? Will Mannat and Murad’s love for each other be strong enough to stand up to their family’s plans to make things worse between them?

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