Esra Bilgic Aka Halime Sultan Is The New Face Of Khaadi!!

Esra Bilgic, a girl who got famous for acting as Halime Sultan in Dirilis: Erturgrul is going super-duper famous every day in Pakistan. She is offered to become a brand ambassador from every Pakistani brand. Esra is also happy to work with the chosen brands as she is winning more hearts with her beauty face and multi-talented skills.

The actress gave a tremendous performance in the drama series Ertugrul that she was recognized widely and especially, she was being called to work in the Pakistani Industry which made her fans more excited. When Esra was getting called on shoots, many Pakistani artists didn’t like this idea as they were thinking that these foreign actors are taking over their work. But brands are following public demand and offering work to Turkish actors.

First, Esra worked for Pakistani brands Jazz and QMobile. She came on-screen advertising QMobile new model and Jazz 4G. Glad to see, people are loving this new face on their Television. More brands are offering work to her because of the hype she has created with her looks and talent. Recently, Esra uploaded a picture on her Instagram account. She wrote, “On Set with My Khaadi” as a caption on her picture.

Khaadi is an official brand of clothing in Pakistan, and Esra has become successful in scoring this brand too. We are excited to see her again with something new this time.
Good Luck, Esra!

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