Hamza Ali Abbasi has something to say to important women in his life

On 8th March, International Women’s Day was celebrated to honor women of the nation. Voice for the rights of the oppressed women was raised to create awareness among the people to fight oppressors and support women.
On that day, Hamza Ali Abbasi had something to say to important women in his life. The Alif actor thanked Allah for surrounding him with women like his mother, sister, and wife. Hamza tweeted a picture of his mother, sister, and wife Naimal with an empowering caption.
This is what he said in his tweet:
“Thankyou Allah for surrounding me with these powerful, skilled, accomplished & independent women so I can feel loved, secure and have the freedom to pursue my goals. Thank you Allah for making me a proud son, a grateful brother & a thankful husband #InternationalWomensDay”
Hamza Ali Abbasi thanked these women for helping him groom into a person he is today, a proud son, a grateful brother, and a thankful husband. We salute his brought up, we are in dire need of more men like him in our society who think of their mothers, sisters, and wives more than just a woman.