Mahira Khan mocks Fahad Mustafa and it’s Hilarious

Ever since the actress, Mahira Khan announced it on her social media that she will be starring next to Fahad Mustafa, fans have been going crazy while they impatiently wait for the film Quaid e Azam Zindabad. As more details were not revealed about her character in the film, fans are more curious than ever.

Filmwala Pictures revealed that they will be producing a film, with the very talented duo, director Nabeel Qureshi and producer Fizza Ali Meerza, which will have Fahad Mustafa in the lead role as a cop. Few days ago Mahira Khan also tweeted that she will be a part of this project paired against Fahad Mustafa. The film is planned to be released in 2020, and we are sure this will be a blockbuster for all movie goers.

The actress has always been known for having a very witty sense of humor and this she proved again when she posted a video taking a dig at Fahad Mustafa saying that Fahad always says that Mahira doesn’t work with him, and now she is asking him in front of the world if he wants to. Fans have been reposting the video because undoubtedly it’s very hilarious

She further tweeted, in response to Nabeel Qureshi’s tweet, confirming the news about her being a part of the film and saying that Fahad hasn’t answered her question she asked in the video. We are already loving the quirkiness coming from our superstar and cannot wait to see more of it on our screens soon.

Let’s wait and watch out for some high level of humor and fun the film and the cast bring our ways, after

all they have been entertaining us for a long time around.

It is premiere on and consists of amazing cast .

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