Meray Hi Rehna Drama Story, Cast with Names and Pictures

Get ready to enjoy as “Meray Hi Rehna” takes you on a mesmerizing journey. With its engaging storyline and relatable characters, the series explores the intricate dance between love, envy, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as the sisters navigate the twists and turns of their complex lives. “Meray Hi Rehna” promises to capture your heart with its captivating narrative, leaving an everlasting impression on your soul. Areej Mohyudin and Syed Jibran’s new onscreen couple will fire the mini-screen together. Other supporting cast includes Kiran Haq, Shehroz Sabzwari, Parveen Akbar, Aruba Mirza, Faizan Sheikh, Subhan Awan, Zoya Nasir, and Babar Ali.

Maimoona Aziz authored the story for the drama series “Meray Hi Rehna,” which was brought to life by the production efforts of Big Bang Entertainment. Meanwhile, Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi directed the scenes in the drama serial “Meray Hi Rehna.”

The first episode of Meray Hi Rehna drama is coming out on 8th May 2023. Click here to watch the online episodes of the Meray Hi Rehna drama serial.

DramaMeray Hi Rehna
ChannelARY Digital
StarringSyed Jibran
Areej Mohyudin
Kiran Haq
Written byMaimoona Aziz
Produced byBig Bang Entertainment
Directed bySyed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi
TimingsMonday to Friday at 9:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release Date8th May 2023

Meray Hi Rehna Drama Story

Step into the mesmerizing world of “Meray Hi Rehna,” where the lives of two sisters, Ruhi and Beena, intertwine in a captivating television drama. When Junaid locks eyes with Beena, a love story for the ages begins to unfold, leading to a joyous marriage. However, Ruhi can’t help but feel a pang of sadness deep within her. Why? Because her sister has married the handsome and wealthy Junaid.

But fear not, for destiny has its own plans. Ruhi finds solace in the arms of Asad, Junaid’s brother and the love of her life. Despite her own happiness, envy creeps into Ruhi’s heart. Junaid’s lavish lifestyle shines brightly, making Asad’s humble means seem insignificant. This jealousy adds complexity to the sisters’ relationship, unveiling a tale of emotional turmoil and resilience.

Meray Hi Rehna Drama Cast with Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Areej MohyudinBeena
Syed JibranJunaid
Kiran HaqRuhi
Shehroz SabzwariAsad
Parveen AkbarAppa
Arooba MirzaAneela
Faizan SheikhFarhan
Subhan AwanTBA
Zoya NasirTBA
Babar AliTBA

Areej Mohyudin as Beena

Arij Mohyuddin is an up-and-coming talent in the entertainment industry who has made a name for herself in a relatively short time. Despite being a student, she eagerly embraced the opportunities that came her way and made her debut in the 2018 drama series “Tajdeed-e-Wafa,” taking on a supporting role. Since then, she has steadily progressed to portraying lead characters and is widely recognized for her exceptional performance in the popular show “Qissa Meherbano Ka.” Arij is also seen in several successful television projects, such as Tum Se Kehna Tha, Jo Tu Chahy, and Roag. Her drama serial Bojh is currently airing on Geo TV.

In the Meray Hi Rehna drama story, Areej takes the role of a young and pious girl, Beena. Junaid falls in love with Beena and proposes to her to be his life partner.

Meray Hi Rehna drama Areej Mohyudin

Syed Jibran as Junaid

Syed Jibran, an impressive and robust actor, debuted in the acting industry on PTV in 2017. Hailing from a Pathan Syed family, he holds an MBBS degree and is also a successful entrepreneur. Jibran has gained immense recognition for his outstanding performances in notable dramas such as Safar Tamam Hua, Aitebaar, Mohabbat Daagh Ki Soorat, and Pehchaan. He took on a leading role in the ongoing drama series Daraar released on GEO TV recently.

Based on his birth date, Syed Jibran is currently 42 years old. He is happily married to Afifa Jibran and takes great pride in being the father of three children. His family includes his baby daughter Eva Jibran and two sons named Yoel Jibran and Isaiah Jibran.

In the Meray Hi Rehna drama story, Jibran portrays the character of Junaid, a successful businessman. He is known for his extraordinary achievements in the industry.

Meray Hi Rehna drama Syed Jibran

Kiran Haq as Ruhi

Meray Hi Rehna drama Kiran Haq

Shehroz Sabzwari as Asad

Meray Hi Rehna drama Shahroz Sabzwari

Parveen Akbar as Appa

Meray Hi Rehna drama Parveen Akbar

Arroba Mirza as Aneela

Meray Hi Rehna drama Aruba Mirza

Faizan SHeikh as Farhan

Meray Hi Rehna drama Faizan Sheikh

Subhan Awan

Meray Hi Rehna drama Subhan Awan

Zoya Nasir

Meray Hi Rehna drama Zoya Nasir

Babar Ali

Meray Hi Rehna drama Babar Ali
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