Mere Humnasheen Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Mere Humnasheen is the latest drama serial started on Geo TV on 6 May 2022. Basically, it demonstrates the tale of a Pashtoon family and how they rigidly follow their century-old traditions. In this modern era, somewhere in the mountains, people still restrict girls’ basic right to education. Ahsan Khan, Hiba Bukhari, Shehzad Sheikh, and Momina Iqbal have beautifully presented the theme as the lead cast. Wanna know about Mere Humnasheen drama story, cast with real names and pictures. So here they are!

Moreover, the story of the drama serial Mere Humnasheen is written by Misbah Ali Syed. Ali Faizan has directed the cast, while Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are the producers.

Also, you can watch the new episode of Mere Humnasheen every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm.

Mere Hamnasheen Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Mere Humnasheen revolves around a young Pashtoon girl, Khajista. She is a bold, courageous and spirited girl. Due to the backward thinking of society, she faces many hurdles during her education. In fact, she dreams to be a doctor and her parents are proud of her. Later on, Khajista and Dr. Hadi (Khajista’s colleague) fall in love with each other. However, her brother is strictly against their marriage.

In fact, the drama serial Mere Humnasheen narrates a Pashtoon family living in northern areas of Pakistan.

Mere Hamnasheen Drama Cast with Pictures

  • Hiba Bukhari as Khajista
  • Shahzad Sheikh as Hadi
  • Ahsan Khan as Darakhzai
  • Momina Iqbal as Shanzy
  • Syed Jibran as Amroze
  • Momal Khalid as Aima
  • Haris Waheed as Hassan
  • Mehar Bano as Sanober
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Dr. Shehryar
  • Salma Hassan as Dr. Sabika
  • Rehan Sheikh as Daji
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Munazza Arif
  • Rana Majid Khan
  • Maheen Siddiqui

Hiba Bukhari as Khajista

28 years old Hiba Bukhari is a Pakistani actress who made her TV debut in the drama serial Teri Meri Jodi. In addition to this, she is widely known for her roles in Bholi Bano and Deewangi. Recently, she acted in “Fitoor” and “Berukhi.”

Hiba Bukhari recently tied the knot with Pakistani actor Arez Ahmed in January 2022.

In the drama serial Mere Humnasheen, Hiba portrays the character of Khajista, a courageous as well as a talented girl living far away in mountains.

Mere Humnasheen Hiba Bukhari

Shahzad Sheikh as Hadi

The handsome Shazad Sheikh is a Pakistani actor and model. In fact, he is the son of the legendary actor Jawed Sheikh. Shahzad made his television debut in the Dreamers series. After that, he played the lead roles in many projects including Ghar Titli Ka Par and Raaz-e-Ulfat. “Phaans” and “ibn-e-Hawwa” are his recent dramas.

Sheikh married lawyer Hira Mir on 28 December 2012. Also, the couple is blessed with a daughter, Anaya Sheikh and a son, Shamir Sheikh.

In the drama serial Mere Humnasheen, Shahzad is playing as Dr. Hadi opposite Hiba Bukhari. Mere Humnasheen Shahzad Sheikh

Ahsan Khan as Darakhzai

46 years old Ahsan Khan is a British-Pakistani actor. Moreover, he started his career in the 1998 film Nikah. After that, he gave several hit films and dramas including Bandhay Aik Dor Say and Qayamat. His recent dramas are “Qissa Mehar Bano Ka” and “Fraud.”

Ahsan Khan is married to Fatima Khan and the couple has a daughter Sukaina and 2 sons.

In the drama serial Mere Humnasheen, Ahsan will be seen as Darakhzai. Indeed, he is a rude and rigid Pathan who follows his tribal traditions at every cost.

Mere Hamnasheen Ahsan khan

Momina Iqbal as Shanzy

Mere Humnasheen Momina Iqbal

Syed Jibran as Amroze

Mere Humnasheen Syed Jibran

Momal Khalid as Aima

Mere Humnasheen Momal Khalid

Haris Waheed as Hassan

Mere Humnasheen Haris Waheed

Mehar Bano as Sanober

Mere Humnasheen Mehar Bano

Farhan Ali Agha as Dr. Shehryar

Mere Humnasheen Farhan Ali Agha

Salma Hassan as Dr. Sabika

Mere Humnasheen Salma Hassan

Rehan Sheikh as Daji

Mere Humnasheen Rehan Sheikh

Seemi Pasha

Mere Humnasheen Seemi Pasha

Munazza Arif

Mere Humnasheen Munazza Arif

Rana Majid Khan

Mere Humnasheen Rana Majid Khan

Maheen Siddiqui

Mere Humnasheen Maheen Siddiqui

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