Sadia Ghaffar Celebrates The Birthday Of Her Best Friend Cum Husband!

Sadia Ghaffar got married to Hassan Hayat in march 2020 during Pandemic. She invited celebrity couples and her showbiz-related friends to the events of her wedding. Her wedding pictures were all over Instagram as she had the best fun of her time. She shares a very beautiful and soothing relationship with her husband that everybody praises. They give us major couple goals!

Yesterday, Sadia celebrated her husband’s birthday in a very cool way. She is the happiest around him, and we can see it. She posted pictures of Hasan with Blue Cookie Monster’s birthday cake on her Instagram to which her husband thanked her by calling her his leading lady. He wrote, “14 October 2020 will be remembered as the BLUEST birthday ever; courtesy the Blue Cookie Monster cake.”

Before that, Sadia Ghaffar had a very hectic routine. She had a non-stop work schedule for two and half a weeks which made it impossible to see her husband Hasan Hayat. So, 3 days ago, she posted a beautiful picture of her hugging tightly Hasan who just came to meet her. That moment was a moment of joy and relief for both of them as they both were struggling to meet both ends.

We love the chemistry between this couple and wish them the best future ahead but before that, Happy Birthday Hasan!

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