Time Flies So Fast! 9 Years Of Humsafar Already!

Whenever we are asked which is our all-time-favorite drama, we always say it’s the Humsafar. This drama was a hit not only because of the actors that played but the storyline, acting, ending, and whatnot. People came to liking the Pakistani dramas other than Indian ones by watching this drama.

Everyone remembers the popularity Mahira Khan had gotten working in Humsafar. It was a life-changing experience for her, for sure. Fawad Khan also enjoyed the new heights of recognition because of his “angry young man” looks and a lot more. These 9 years of Humsafar have made us realized how much this drama was carved in our hearts. This blockbuster drama was one of the memorized contents the Pakistan entertainment Industry brought to us.

The beautiful actress Mahira Khan is also celebrating 9 years of Humsafar. She is memorizing the character she got to play, and we can see how much the Character “Khirad” is closed to her heart. While sharing the memories of Humsafar, Mahira wrote that how special is Khirad as a character for her. She had the power to love fiercely, she stood for her self-respect, she was a powerful woman.

Mahira thanked her fans for giving much love to Humsafar and was grateful for their support.

Thanks for giving us the best show to watch, much love from us!

It is premiere on and consists of amazing cast .

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