Misc Tum Kon Piya By Urdu 1 Starred Ayeza Khan

Tum Kon Piya By Urdu 1 Starred Ayeza Khan

So, Tum Kon Piya day it is!! The ever grieving love story and the plot are leaving us worry about the twisted characters present. The episode opens with Ilma about to faint and Ramish by her side when Zarbab comes and see her ill.
On the other hand, Arif and Jaweria are developing extensive friendship. He also asks for coffee but she denies saying that she lives along and cannot afford any scandal. Ilma and all her sisters congratulate Ramish over his engagement and they make a fuss about marriage and all, indirectly pointing at Ilma’s miserable state of marriage. Ramish leaves bidding adieu to all.
Zarbab is perplexed and thinking about something on the dinner table when Sharafat begum asks when his wife is retiring back. She rebukes him by saying that Ilma has to come back soon as his sister is going to marry soon and there is a lot of work. Sharafat also asks for extra money and Zarbab tells him that he has done lots of things to arrange money.
Ilma is talking to her sister who tells her that Seema is crying a lot due to her pending marriage. She says that this situation is really grieving for every girl. Her sister asks if she is happy with Zarbab or not, just then Ramish’s phone comes up. He asks for her wellbeing and health, she replies that she is fine. He asks for her happiness and she affirmatively tries to convince her that she is fine, healthy and happy. Ramish, once again, tries to explain the importance of her in his life. She also asks if he is coming or not and forces him to come and attend Seema’s marriage ceremony.
Next day, Sharafat begum comes to Ilma’s room and eyes her dowry greedily, thinking that she might use for her daughter. Jaweria is talking to Zarbab’s sister about her marriage and the shopping stuff saying that she will help them in the shopping. She does all the thinks she can do agitate Zarbab’s mother. Jaweria also tries to flirt with Zarbab. As mentioned, Sharaft begum pointedly asks about Ilma’s stuff to Zarbab.
Ramish forces her mother to go to Ilma’s sister Seema’s marriage saying that Waqar invited them with heart. He also tried to give cheque to Ramish so he can give her to Waqar but he denies saying that Waqar would never take the monetary support. Both husband and wife are flustered over this behavior of his.
Ramish comes to Seema’s mehndi and meets Zarbab with pleasantries. Zarbab also notices Ramish’s closeness to the family. On the other side, Ramish sees Ilma with Zarbab and his heart broke into million pieces.
Seema’s marriage preparations are under full swing most of which are sponsored by Zarbab. Ilma and Neha are watching the preparations when the latter says that she was very happy when Ilma got married to Zarbab thinking that may have a brother now but that all was falsified. She corners Ilma that it seems that he is only the guest of the house and plays no duty in helping their father. This baffle yet saddens Ilma.
Ramish is getting ready to leave for the marriage when Sumbul comes and says to cancel as they can go for the dinner together saying that the marriage is important for him to attend. Zarbab and the family come to the marriage, his mother being the usual stern she is. The marriage went on pretty well and smooth. However, Zarbab again noticed the difference between him and Ramish in the family. But Seema is fare welled with her in laws without any visual apprehensions.
Ilma’s father is stumped into place and Ilma tries to console him that Seema is now happily gone. He just says that he cannot let her daughters out of the sight like this. Ramish comes and asks if he needs a Doctor or not. Sharafat Begum tells Zarbab that he must say Ilma to leave right now as the marriage is done and over with. Zarbab tries to protest, but like always, all in vain. Ilma tries to explain to her husband that she cannot leave her family like this. Zarbab tries to explain that he should have let her stay but it is his mother who wants to take her away. Waqar also raises his hand in order to stop her daughter for just a night.
Sharafat Begum got enraged with the answer and leaves the marriage with extreme anger saying that they don’t need her. On the flip side, Waqar is remembering all the hard conversations with Zarbab and thinks how sad his daughter is. All the pain is eating away Waqar.
Ilma and Neha are on the bed together talking, Neha tells her about their days when both the sisters cried while missing her and now she has no one left. Zarbab calls and tells Ilma that his mother is enraged and she has to come tomorrow, no matter what. She tells him that she has an appointment for a doctor and he negates that furiously. Ilma is totally shattered about her husband’s feelings with her.
Sobia is fighting with her mother on her family’s shopping. She says that she has some money and Zarbab will arrange some furniture for her. As told, Sharafat says that she has arranged some things for the tea sets and food factory etc. Arif throws his usual tantrums and words against Ilma.
Ilma leaves her family behind and her father decides to drop Ilma by himself. Sharafat is bickering when Ilma comes back with her father and she sarcastically replies. She tries to put all the blame on Ilma that she has broken their house. Waqar defends her daughter saying that she has done nothing. She sternly says that it is her house and all rules they have to follow. She says a lot more harsh things in which she also says that she can take Ilma away too. Ilma’s broken father goes away.
What are your thoughts on the recent episode? How well do you think that this episode went?