What’s Cooking Between Amna Ilyas And Ayeza Khan? Let’s Find Out!

There’s so much happening between showbiz celebrities that it has become a source of entertainment for netizens. The ugliest fights, taunts, shaming each other, and whatnot is the new cool between the celebrities. And now, this Amna Ilyas vs Ayeza Khan is the talk of the town.

Keeping it short, Ayeza Khan was bashed by Amna Ilyas for cashing on Fairness cream promotion, Amna’s got bashed for body-shaming Amina Haq, now both the actors, Ayeza and Amna, came one-on-one with each other. The story starts from here when Amna Ilyas explained in the video that how she has completely changed herself and body-shaming Amina Haq was her past. She tried a sarcastic way to justify herself or funnily, but something came in the way.

Under the comment section of the video posted by Amna on Instagram, Ayeza Khan commented in a very casual and sweet way. She sent her best wishes to Amna and asked her to not indulge in such a mess, but we guess Amna read something between the lines and replied under Ayeza’s comment.

Amna wrote, “@ayezakhan.ak love you too! This is such brilliant advice and I’ll need many more from you in the future. So, why have you unfollowed me? 😊”

So, what we have concluded that there’s a fire burning between both sides. Ayeza couldn’t handle criticism, so she unfollowed Amna Ilyas. The comments were full of people calling Ayeza a Hypocrite and Amna immature which kind of equalizes their rage for each other.

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