Jinzada Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Prepare to satisfy yourself with the story of the relentless quest for revenge by an evil entity in “Jin Zada.” The highly anticipated drama will hit the screens on 20th July 2023 at 7:00 PM, exclusively on Har Pal Geo. Be ready for an exciting watch as “Jinnzada” takes over the time slot previously held by the drama “Bojh.” The main cast of the thrilling drama “Jin Zada” includes Syed Jibran, Nazish Jahangir, and Saad Qureshi, along with a talented supporting ensemble.

“Jinnzada,” an upcoming mystery-horror serial, will captivate audiences. Hassan Zia produces Jinzada drama under Mastermind Production. The creative minds of Syed Nabeel & Shahid Nizami have penned the story, while the talented Najaf Bilgrami directs the drama.

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ChannelGeo TV
StarringNazish Jahangir
Syed Jibran
Written bySyed Nabeel
Shahid Nizami
Produced byHassan Zia
Directed byNajaf Bilgrami
TimingsDaily at 9:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release Date20 July 2023

Jinzada Drama Story

In “Jinzada,” Feroz is a powerful and vengeful Jinn, driven by the pain of his sister’s tragic death. He is determined to exact revenge no matter the cost. With the ability to transform into anyone, he fixates on Abiha, aiming to ruin her life and relationships.

Using his deceitful powers, Feroz assumes the identities of Abiha’s loved ones, manipulating their actions and sowing discord and mistrust. He skillfully weaves a web of lies, shattering the bonds that hold Abiha’s family together. The consequences of his malevolent actions extend beyond the immediate family, affecting generations to come.

What will be the ultimate fate of Feroz’s wicked deeds? Can Abiha find a way to protect herself and her family from his sinister plans? Will the power of family and love be enough to overcome Feroz’s relentless pursuit of vengeance? Unravel the answers in the gripping tale of “Jinzada.”

Jinzada Drama Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Syed JibranFeroz
Nazish JahangirAbiha
Saad QureshiTBA
Behroze SabzwariTBA
Waseem AbbasTBA
Arisha RaziTBA
Asim MehmoodTBA
Bakhtawar KhanTBA
Parveen AkbarTBA
Fareeda ShabbirTBA

Syed Jibran

Meet the remarkable Syed Jibran, a robust actor who stepped into the limelight on PTV in 2017. Hailing from a proud Pathan Syed family, he not only wows audiences with his acting prowess but also holds an MBBS degree and excels as an entrepreneur. Renowned for his outstanding performances in popular dramas like Safar Tamam Hua, Aitebaar, Mohabbat Daagh Ki Soorat, Pehchaan, and Daraar Jibran continues to shine in the ongoing drama series Meray Hi Rehna, now airing on ARY Digital.

Currently 42 years old, Syed Jibran finds joy in his happy marriage to Afifa Jibran and cherishes the precious bond with his three lovely children. Among them, his baby daughter Eva Jibran, and two sons, Yoel Jibran and Isaiah Jibran, bring him immense pride and happiness. With his talent and versatility, Jibran is all set to enchant us in entertainment.

In the Jinzada drama serial, Syed Jibran portrays the role of Jin, Feroz. Feroz enters the lives of Abiha and his family to take revenge on them.

Jinzada drama Syed Jibran

Nazish Jahangir

Nazish Jahangir, a talented Pakistani actress, initially made her mark in the theater world in 2015. In 2017, she leapt into the world of television and found great success. Her performances in popular dramas like Kahin Deep Jaley, Dil Tanha Tanha, and Saraab were highly appreciated. Recently, she has been captivating audiences with her roles in Inaam e Mohabbat and Berukhi.

Beyond acting, Nazish is a recognized mental health awareness activist. Her influence extends to the covers of various leading magazines in Pakistan. Born on 28 April 1988, she celebrated her 34th birthday in 2022. Nazish remains happily single, focusing on her passion for acting and positively impacting mental health awareness.

In the Jinzada drama story, Nazish will be seen in the role of Abiha. Abiha experiences superstitious things because of Jin Feroz.

Jinzada drama Nazish Jahangir

Saad Qureshi

Saad Qureshi is a well-known Pakistani actor who made a mark with his impressive roles in popular television serials like Pukaar, Ki Jaana Main Kaun, Mehboob Aapke Qadmon Main, and Wo Pagal Si. His journey in the acting world began through a talent hunt organized by Geo Entertainment in 2015. One of his notable early appearances was in the Television series Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 2, which paved the way for more dramas like Ghairat and Shadi Mubarak Ho. Apart from his acting career, Qureshi has taken an admirable step by initiating an online child sponsorship program, working towards securing essential human rights for the next generation.

In August 2018, he got engaged to Misha Chaudhry, a dental surgeon, and tied the knot with her in December 2019.

Jinzada drama Saad Qureshi

Behroze Sabzwari

Jinzada drama Behroze Sabzwari

Waseem Abbas

Jinzada drama Waseem Abbas

Arisha Razi

Jinzada drama Arisha Razi

Asim Mehmood

Jinzada drama Asim Mehmood

Bakhtawar Khan

Jinzada drama Bakhtawar Khan

Parveen Akbar

Jinzada drama Parveen Akbar

Fareeda Shabbir

Jinzada drama Fareeda Shabbir
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