Sirf Tum Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Geo TV‘s upcoming drama “Sirf Tum” is set to premiere on 19th July 2023 at 9:00 PM, exclusively on Har Pal Geo. Hamza Sohail, Anmol Baloch, and Mohsin Abbas Haider are performing the lead role. On the other hand, Hibba Aziz, Fazila Qazi, Suqaynah Khan, Erum Akhtar, Ayesha Gul, Sabiha Hashmi, Akbar Islam, Zia Gurchani, and Agha Mustafa are included in the supporting cast.

Produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi, under 7th Sky Entertainment Presentation, the show explores the impact of misunderstandings, lies, and deceit on relationships. Written by Seema Munaf and directed by Mazhar Moin, the intriguing storyline promises to captivate viewers. “Sirf Tum” will take over the time slot previously held by “Behroop Drama.”

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DramaSirf Tum
ChannelGeo TV
StarringHamza Sohail
Anum Baloch
Mohsin Abbas
Written bySeema Munaf
Produced byAbdullah Kadwani
Asad Qureshi
Directed byMazhar Moin
TimingsDaily at 9:00 PM
Country of OriginPakistan
Release Date19 July 2023

Sirf Tum Drama Story

“Sirf Tum” follows the captivating tale of Abeer, who returns home from abroad to a lively extended family. Her unique outlook on life clashes with their traditional values, sparking intense conflicts, especially with her rebellious cousin, Hamza, and sensible cousin, Hanan.

Hamza is a carefree dreamer who yearns for a life unrestricted by responsibilities. Whereas Abeer seeks a deeper connection. Their rough relationship ends in a failed engagement due to Hamza’s unreasonable demands and behavior, leaving Abeer shattered.

Amidst the chaos, destiny turns unexpectedly when elders ask Abeer and Hanan to get married. Reluctant and haunted by their past traumas, they embark on a new life together. The main question still remains: Can love emerge from their differences and shared struggles, or will their pasts keep them apart? As they navigate through love, pain, and healing, the path to their hearts’ desires may be challenging and transformative.

Sirf Tum Drama Cast with Real Names and Pictures

Real NamesDrama Roles
Hamza SohailHanan
Anmol BalochAbeer
Mohsin Abbas HaiderHamza
Hibba AzizSarah
Fazila QaziFarah
Saqaynah KhanAmal
Erum AkhtarMahrukh
Ayesha GulAmina
Sabiha HashmiZubaida
Akbar IslamAijaz
Zia GurchaniFaraz
Salma AsimNoreen
Kashif MehmoodTBA
Agha MustafaTBA

Hamza Sohail as Hanan

Meet Hamza Sohail, the rising star of Pakistani drama, who is the son of legendary theatre actor and comedy icon, Sohail Ahmad. He captured the attention with an enchanting debut as Abdul in the 2021 drama “Raqeeb Se.” He graced screens as Saud in “Mein Hari Piya,” showcasing his versatility in 2022. The same year, Hamza’s charisma shone alongside Farhan Saeed, Komal Mir, and Saman Ansari in the mega-hit “Badshah Begum.” However, his remarkable portrayal of Farjaad Khan Bahadur in the 2023 Ramadan Romantic Comedy Fairytale propelled him to stardom. Brace yourself, as season two of this magical series awaits, starring the talented Sehar Khan alongside Hamza Sohail.

Born on 01 January 1996, Hamza turned 27 in 2023. The young lad is currently single and focusing on his career.

In the Sirf Tum drama story, Hamza portrays the role of protagonist Hanan. He is Abber’s cousin who later marries her.

Sirf Tum drama Hamza Sohail

Anmol Baloch as Abeer

Anmol Baloch is a talented Pakistani model and actress with a captivating blend of Baloch and Pashtun heritage. She has gracefully transitioned from the world of modeling to the glitz and glamour of acting. Her dazzling journey began in 2016, with a remarkable debut on the television show “Kambakht Tanno,” enchanting audiences on A-Plus Entertainment. Notable drama serials like “Qurbatein,” “Khwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi,” “Bisaat,” “Aik Sitam Aur”, and “Siyani,” have further cemented her place in the hearts of viewers. Recently, Anmol graced our screens in the captivating drama “Mann Aangan” which aired on ARY Digital.

As she celebrates her 31st birthday in 2023, her admirers eagerly await the next chapters of her artistic voyage. However, Anmol is currently single.

In Sirf Tum drama story, Anmol depicts the character of Abeer, the female protagonist of the serial.

Sirf Tum drama Anmol Baloch

Mohsin Abbas Haider as Hamza

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a multi-talented Pakistani personality, renowned as an actor, singer, writer, and TV host. Some of his popular TV dramas include Diware-Shab, Dil Tanha Tnha, Baddua, and “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine”. Recently, he appeared in the drama serial “Siyani” on GEO TV.

Born on 18 August 1986, Mohsin is currently 36 years old. He got married to Fatema Sohail in 2015. Sadly, the couple faced the loss of their baby daughter, Mahveen Abbas Haider, who passed away in December 2017 at the tender age of seven weeks. However, they were blessed with a son named Haider Abbas Mohsin in May of the following year. In 2019, the couple went through a divorce after Fatema accused him of domestic violence.

In Sirf Tum drama story, Mohsin will be seen as Hamza. Hamza is a free mind guy and antagonist of the story.

Sirf Tum drama Mohsin Abbas

Hibba Aziz

Sirf Tum drama Hibba Aziz

Fazila Qazi

Sirf Tum drama Fazila Qazi

Suqaynah Khan

Sirf Tum drama Suqaynah Khan

Erum Akhtar

Sirf Tum drama Erum Akhtar

Ayesha Gul

Sirf Tum drama Ayesha Gul

Sabiha Hashmi

Sirf Tum drama Sabiha Hashmi

Akbar Islam

Sirf Tum drama Akbar Islam

Zia Gurchani

Sirf Tum drama Zia Gurchani

Agha Mustafa

Sirf Tum drama Agha Mustafa
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